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Ya might think we get our crawfish from Louisiana, but the cost and logistics make it extremely difficult. Plus, there's crawfish farmers and a crawfish season in good 'ol North Carolina! The season here starts a little later than it does in Louisiana (late March to mid-April), but the crawfish taste just as good!

Our crawfish farmers are Natalie and Nick, of NLN Farms. NLN Farms, LLC is a family owned (Mother & Son) and operated small business in Chocowinity, NC. Every Friday, we drive to Chocowinity and Natalie and Nick provide us with fresh, live purged crawfish at 8:30 am. Once loaded, we drive 'em back to Richlands and keep 'em refrigerated, hydrated, and alive until ya pick 'em up on Friday afternoon (12 - 6pm), Saturday (9am - 6pm), or Sunday (12 - 6pm). Our crawfish come in 10lb sacks and are $6.75 per pound/ $67.50 + $1.35 tax = $68.85 per sack. If ya want crawfish for the weekend, get ya order in by 11am the Wednesday prior or if ya havin' a special event, pre-order several weeks out and we'll have 'em ready when ya need 'em. Pre-ordering guarantees the crawfish will be waitin' when ya get here. We do order a little extra each week in case a crawfish craving catches ya off guard, but the "extras" tend to go fast.

We'll have live crawfish available throughout the North Carolina crawfish season which tends to end in late June (sometimes early July), it all depends on the weather (heat). To pre-order ya can e-mail us at, call us at (910)430-0662, or send us a message via Facebook messenger.

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